Landscape Design & Construction by
Outdoor Establishments

This courtyard garden and plunge pool sits above a double garage in Paddington, just a few minutes walk from the Sydney Cricket Ground. With limited space, the design is a balance of beauty and functionality. Custom made planters contain the gardens and a timber deck was designed to provide lounge seating, stair access to the swimming pool and to conceal services. Plant selection considers the seasonal site conditions and is a reflection of the clients personality.


  • Plaumeria acutifolia
  • Zamia furfuracea
  • Zoysia tenuifolia
  • Crassula ovata
  • Senecio serpens
  • Furcraea foetida
  • Rhipsalis
  • Trachelospermum jasminoides
  • Echinocactus grusonii
  • Strobilanthes gossypinus